Course Expectations

Classroom Conduct:

As a classroom community, all members are expected to be respectful of each other. This includes respecting classroom materials, other students’ possessions and using appropriate language at all times. Derogatory or offense language will not be tolerated.


Bathroom Policy:

Students are not permitted to use the bathroom the first ten minutes, or the last ten minutes of class. You will only be given three bathroom passes each term, so please use them wisely!!


Homework Policy:

Homework is expected to be turned in on the day it is due, during that class period.


Assignments turned in on the day they are due will result in full credit (if done with adequate effort). Any assignments handed in after the class period or the following day will result in a 25% deduction. Homework that is turned in more than two days late will result in minimal points.


Tardy Policy:

Please do your best not to be tardy to class. Students who are tardy to class three times will receive a thirty minute detention in 222.


Absent Policy:



If you have an EXCUSED absence, it is your responsibility to acquire and make up missed homework, classwork and/or quizzes and tests. Be sure to check the “Absent” folder for any missed work to make up. You may come see me before or after school with any questions regarding missed work and/or to set up a time to complete any missed quizzes/tests.


**For all makeup work, please write “Absent” on the top of homework assignments and leave them in the homework box for your class. Note: if you do not write “Absent” on makeup work then it may be marked late.



If labs are missed due to an EXCUSED absence, rather than make the lab up, students will be required to read an article with biological relevance and write a 1-2 page paper reviewing the topic. See me for details in this situation.


Cell Phones/Technology Policy.

Cell phones, iPads, and headphones are a distraction to learning, and should be turned off/silenced and kept in pockets or bags during class time. If cell phones are seen during class then they may be taken for the remaining class period, or day (depending on how often this occurs).


If cell phones are out during quizzes, tests or any type of assessment, it will be assumed that the student is cheating and will receive a failing grade for that assessment. So please keep them away!!


Plagiarism Policy:

It is expected that all students will complete their own work, in their own words. It is commonly believed that plagiarism is only copying and pasting information from the internet, but it includes all of the following:

·         Copying another student’s work (homework, lab reports, papers)

o   Lab partners may have similar work, but it should not be identical

·         Taking information from the internet or another source without citing it

·         Taking credit for anyone else’s work


In the case of plagiarism, a 0 will be given for any and all assignments with no exceptions.



No food is permitted in the laboratory unless otherwise specified. Beverages are permitted if they are covered and not consumed during labs.